Cry Wolf & Ianborg ~ Oceans!

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In the world of modern electronic music, I find myself being drawn more towards songs that interweave classic hard hitting beats with highly infectious melodies.  “Oceans” by up and comer CRY WOLF, otherwise known as Denver native Justin Phillips,  is exactly this type of tune.  Teaming up with the remarkable talents of Canadian music producer Ianborg, the pair have created an impressively harmonious track that’s been floating around my head for the past few days.

The simple elements behind “Oceans” are creatively blended well together: muffled voice chop ups,  wavy keyboard pulses and pounding bass expressions.    Justin’s vocals are cleverly understated and float nicely just under the surface of the track.  I especially enjoyed the lyrics “I feel you coming on, coming into me, like a flood, like a breath, like a melody”.  There’s a bigness in the dubstep side of the sound that appears ready to explode at any moment but is beautifully contained.  “Oceans” is simply a smooth sounding downtempo track my lured earbuds wish would never end.

“Oceans” will be one the songs featured on CRY WOLF’s upcoming Ghosts EP which is due out this April.  If the debut EP is anywhere near the quality of this track, I think a lot more people will be drawn in just like me.

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  1. beevo13
    May 29, 2013

    mmmm i really like this song toooo~~
    dat combination of piano, beat, dubsteppy and vocals create a musical wonder
    luv it (Y)

    • May 29, 2013

      glad you liked it!…thx for listening!!! 🙂

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