Cosmo’s Midnight ~ Surge ft. James Shuar!

Cosmo's Midnight Surge Artwork!

I first became a huge fan of COSMO’S MIDNIGHT when I heard their remake of “Sleepless” by the already legendary FLUME and I immediately wanted to hear more.  Only the Sydney pair was known as Cosmo & Paat back then.  Flash forward about eight months later and here they are.  Set to give the world a little taste of what COSMO’S MIDNIGHT has to offer with their brand new EP SURGE.  And it’s worthy of my standing ovation.  The titled track is my favorite off of their debut EP and features the vocal talents of JAMES SHUAR; a very talented artist and musician in his own right.  “Surge” is a melodic and laid back track at its core but hits me with gorgeous electronic pulses of energy that feel surprisingly invigorating.  The impeccable control of tempo and loudness of sound lead to emotional ebbs and flows that are absolutely breathtaking to experience.  The vocals are minimal and almost undetectable as they swirl between the voluminous swells of big sound.  At the song’s best moments, it rivals any FLUME track I have ever heard which seems quite astounding for me to acknowledge.  But it’s true.  The only small issue I have with “Surge” is the it feels shorter than the actual length of the song.  It almost seems incomplete in a way. But I guess leaving me wanting to hear more isn’t so bad! Again!

COSMO’S MIDNIGHT’S debut EP SURGE is available now so check out their Bandcamp page and grab your very own copy.  It’s more than worth a listen through!  And be sure to check out the track “Never Let Me Go” by JAMES SHUAR too (Check it out below).  It’s one of the most underrated tracks from last year in my opinion!

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  1. Lara
    October 22, 2013

    talented young producers everywhere in aus! we have an extra soft spot for Cosmo’s Midnight over at Happy though – maybe because we are basically neighbours with them 😉

    • October 23, 2013

      there certainly are…something in the water down there I suppose…haha…I checked out your site…good stuff!!

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