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I listen to a lot of music and I love hearing new bands I have never heard before that completely blow me away on the first take.  It never gets old and COLONY HOUSE is the latest band to do so.   I first heard their extremely catchy track “Silhouettes” only a few days ago and the song has been on my mind ever since.  Grabbing me instantly with an ear-tingling cluster of twinkling tones and strums, “Silhouettes” quickly breaks open into a get up off my feet indie rock groove that keeps me moving all the way through.  I love the carefree and happy vibe I get from the song and it reminds me of the time I initially came across some early Young the Giant tracks.  The trio has an immensely addicting sound with a little brash edge that is wildly entertaining.  COLONY HOUSE screams a good time and that is a very awesome thing.

COLONY HOUSE has left an indelible first impression on me and the more I delve into their world of music, I am becoming more aware of the immense potential they truly have.  I can only imagine where their journey might take them and I hope I can play some small part in helping them get there.  The 3-piece band from Franklin Tennessee plan to release a new album titled ‘When I Was Younger’ on Descendent Records on July 22nd, and the group seem poised to make some noise in the music world.  Pick up the album here, and be sure to check out their latest outstanding single release “Second Guessing Games”.  And catch them live if you are ever so lucky!

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