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CATHEDRALS  is back at it again with a brand new track “OOO AAA”,  and just as the title may imply I absolutely love it.   The incredible pairing of beat-making multi-talent Johnny Hwin and the intoxicating lead vocals of Brodie Jenkins has always caught my full attention and with “OOO AAA” they do it again.  Powerful from the beginning,  the song blows the doors off the joint with a quick build that’s both surprising and intriguing.  As the mood lightens, the intensity slows to a smooth swagger only to throw out a CATHEDRALS type of sound I have grown accustomed to: melodically vibrant and existentially cool.   Not to mention hearing a little more of Brodie and Johnny beautifully blending vocal harmonies together.  Now that is something  I would enjoy hearing more of.

“OOO AAA” shows me a different side to CATHEDRALS in terms of being a little more electronically focused and that has a lot to do with what I dig about the San Francisco duo.  They make songs from contrasting angles and infuse it with elements that on the surface don’t seem to go together.   Ultimately creating a sound that is undeniably catchy, artistically pigeonhole proof and very easy to classify.  It’s just great music!

Their self-titled debut EP is set to drop on September 8th by NEON GOLD Records so be sure to preorder it here!!!

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