Blitz the Ambassador ~ Respect Mine! ft. 20Syl, Emicida & Y’akota!

Blitz the Ambassador The Warm Up Artwork!It’s not often that I come across hip hop music from an emcee from Ghana.  Who am I kidding.  This is the first time this has actually happened and I couldn’t be more pleasantly surprised.  BLITZ the AMBASSADOR is the name and “Respect Mine” is the track that immediately caught my ear.  It’s a stylish and infectious hip hop track infused with beautiful splashes of Latin flavor I can feel deep within my bones.  From the bold crispness of the brass horns and the playfully catchy percussive rhythms to the slickly unique contrast of vocal delivery styles, each and every layer of sound enhances the next like they are perfectly made for one another.  “Respect Mine” nicely merges guest contributions by 20Syl, Emicida and Y’akota with the meaningful lyrical flow of BLITZ the AMBASSADOR I am easily becoming a big fan of.  And even though I don’t fully understand each and every word, it’s a track that has me appreciating this one of a kind chance encounter.

BLITZ the AMBASSADOR has just released ‘The Warm Up’ EP on German label Jakarta Records and it’s chock full of interesting sounds and dynamic guest artists like Fashawn, Sarkodie and the always amazing Nneka.  It’s available for free on the Bandcamp link provided and be sure to check out the song “Bisa”.   It’s a track with a great message I think every young person should make time to listen to it at some point.

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