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They are “3 boys with a story to tell” that go by the name BLAENAVON and their about to be released ‘KOSO’ EP is their first collective offering to the music world.  And it’s massively impressive.  This 4-track debut showcases a type of sound oozing with worldwide appeal.  Where I can hear the art of good storytelling creatively laid out through expressive rhythms, dramatic tempo changes and crowd pleasing guitar exclamations.  And where the waves of emotion and energy power over me naturally without any precursors or warnings.  There is something great about BLAENAVON that draws me in without any pause or hesitation.  A certain special something all my favorite bands seem to share.  And with KOSO’ I am all in.

All four songs on the EP are interesting in their own unique way and deciding which tracks stand out the most is as difficult a task as they come.  “Lost In Paris” jumps out a bit at first because it has an amazing give and take pull to it that I find very intriguing.  It’s definitely one of my favorites.  “Gods” has more of an even keel feel about it until it busts open into one of the few real ‘rock out’ moments on the EP.  A feeling I wish I felt a little bit more of throughout.  Then there is “Wunderkind” and it’s deliciously alluring slower tempo.  It’s easy on the ears but has a dark undertone that keeps me on the edge of my seat.  And finally there is “Prague”, a track I feel puts the best of BLAENAVON together on full display.  Sounding a little like Funeral Party at times, I love how all the different elements expose themselves to me as the song unravels.   From the sublimely paced tempo changes that feel somewhat like being thrown into a high-speed car chase weaving in and out around traffic, to the passion filled vocals and the aggressive guitar outbursts, it’s a song that has a little bit of everything.  And it’s a pretty exciting ride all the way through.  “Prague” stands out just a little bit more than the others for me and highlights one of the best new EPs I have heard all year.  Not bad for a group of young and aspiring teen musicians.  Not bad at all!

BLAENAVON is an exciting band trio from around the Brighton area and flash an enormous amount of potential with their ‘KOSO’ EP.  I truly believe the music world is right there in front of them to grab hold of and run with.  Let’s just hope they don’t run out of stories to tell like so many before them!  The ‘KOSO’ EP drops on September 23rd!

 9/10 TMH! Approved   Highly Recommended!
***  Massive Tunes:  “Prague”, “Lost In Paris”  ***


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