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I love when I am introduced to new tunes that take me to a good place the first time I listen to them.  That is exactly the case with AZEDIA, a talented electronic music producing act from London.  AZEDIA is a very interesting group and does a great job of bringing contagious melodies to the rough and grimy world of dubstep.  “Something” is a massive tune and the signature song from their Isolation EP which was released back in January of this year. It seems crazy that I have not heard of them until now but I am glad our paths have finally crossed.

“Something” has all the elements of a good, toned down modern day EDM track but that’s just the bare bones part of the whole production.   I love how AZEDIA uses intoxicating guitar expressions throughout the track adding another layer of depth to the typical run of dubstep beats and rhythms.  The gorgeous vocals are courtesy of vocalist Moonflwr and her voice melds perfectly with the songs’ slowed down tempo.  The inclusion of multiple Alan Watt speech snippets is downright clever and works well with the impassioned lyrics.  “Something” is a uniquely made piece of music and shows AZEDIA  has the skill and creativity to produce mind elevating music.

AZEDIA dabbles in a many electronic musical styles and have some great remixes on their resume.  I highly recommend checking out their dubstep remix of Gabrielle Aplin’s “The Power of Love” and their trapstep version of Written In Waters’ “The Fall”.  They are both pretty solid renditions.  Also, feel free to take a quick listen to the full version of Alan Watt’s speech discussing nothingness if that peaks your curiosity as it did mine.  It’s definitely worth your time! Cheers!!!

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