Atlas Genius ~ Back Seat (Goldroom Remix)!

If there ever was a song with the ability to pick you up after a long hard day at work, Goldroom’s remix of “Back Seat” by Atlas Genius is that tune.  Josh Legg, the man behind the Goldroom mask, has been pumping out quality remixes over the last year and his latest take on “Back Seat” is the next in line.

Armed with his signature tropical music inspired sound in hand, Goldroom’s fingerprint is all over the new production.  The infused vibe is upbeat and breezy and carries you away from your everyday troubles one synth wave at a time.  Add in the soothing quality of the original vocals and a light massaging bassline and any leftover signs of stress don’t stand a chance.

So on those rough days where you just want to wind down and get away for just a little bit,  let Goldroom’s “Back Seat” remix be your reprieve. If you’re in the mood for another Goldroom redo, check out one of my favorite remixes below.  And remember, if it has a tropical vibe, and sounds like a good uplifting tune, it’s probably Goldroom!

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