Andreas Ort ~ Seasons (feat. Submatik & Charline)!

A Very Electric Winter Compilation Artwork feat. Andreas Ort!

I have been listening to drum and bass tracks for over two decades now and I have seen it evolve into many different forms.  From the classic junglist days of The Exorcist and the epic 808 hit styles of LTJ Bukem, to the more modern big beats and basslines of SubFocus and Chase & Status, each variation provides a little piece of uniqueness that makes the genre so interesting.  It’s been a long time since I have been blown away by a d’n’b track the first listen through but when I heard “Seasons” by ANDREAS ORT, I was pleasantly taken back to those days.

Combining forces with SUBMATIK and vocalist CHARLINEORT’s “Seasons” turns out to be an incredibly beautiful liquid drum and bass track with a gorgeous melodic undertone.  I see a man and a women looking into each others eyes, feeling the same feelings but not knowing how to express them.  The vocal conversation slowly flows back and forth between each other as if they are only thoughts inside their heads and not actual spoken words.   Then when their inner storm passes and the vocals come together in that perfect united moment in time, they both can outwardly express their emotions to each other and finally move forward.  Well, that’s at least what I hear in the track.

ANDREAS ORT, is a young vocalist and a talented electronic music producer from Leverkusen, Germany who seems to have just jumped into the drum and bass scene without a lot of fanfare.  If ORT continues to create songs like “Seasons”, it won’t be long until some much deserved attention starts coming his way!

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