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I have had the great pleasure of recently coming across music from AMARANTE and I come away from the experience with a renewed appreciation for the beautiful artistry behind a well crafted song.   Jysi And Josh Hewitt are the creative forces behind the Fresno CA based group and the closeness from being a husband and wife duo adds a slightly personal touch I can almost feel intertwined within their music.  AMARANTE has shown the ability to make songs that can stand independently from one another and the wide range of sounds is remarkable to hear.  From their latest release, the guitar strumming melodic song ‘Control’, to the singing conversation filled tune ‘Light The Sky’, their musical creations are delicately potent.  ‘Buried Beneath’ just might pack the most vaporous and powerful bite of them all.

‘Buried Beneath’ doesn’t waste any time grabbing your attention.  The track starts out with a flash of a piano lead in with a mixture of back beat pulses and guitar strums.  Jysi’s soft and airy vocals soon jump in and act as a melodious bridge to Josh’s engaging center stage singing performance.  The meat of the song ebbs and flows with predatory precision as muted piano accents come together with harmonious guitar plucking frills and sporatic vocal glitches.   ‘Buried Beneath’ ultimately has an alluringly dark and moody undertone and when all the fitted pieces are revealed, we are left with a perfectly made musical jigsaw puzzle .

AMARANTE has amazing talent evidenced by the fact that they write and record their own great music.   They have created quite a collection of their own tunes but they have also done a few covers that deserve some recognition.  ‘Buried Beneath’ is currently my favorite tune from them so far but I have a feeling that top spot might have some competition soon.  I will keep my ears wide open!

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