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Alexandra Jayne Who I've Become Artwork!I crossed paths with the talented ALEXANDRA JAYNE back in May when I first heard her guitar driven debut track “Foolish”,  and I remember being immediately intrigued.  When I go back and listen to that song, I easily become re-enamored with her impeccable display of total control over her delicate guitar strumming and over her alluring vocal style.  On August 13th,  JAYNE released her second single titled “Who I’ve Become” and it’s just as impressive.

Laying down her often used guitar in favor of a driving yet melodic piano backdrop,  JAYNE once again relies on her vocals to tell a vivid story.  And they absolutely shine.  There are moments where I can almost feel the swells of emotion being thrown right at me as if she were singing directly in front of me.  As I get further enthralled in the melody, I can see the intensity shining through the lyrics as I sense the inner struggle between how she wants to feel and coming to terms with how things actually are.  To me, it’s a poignant story of personal realization delivered with incredible depth and intricate care I am coming to expect from an ALEXANDRA JAYNE song.  “Who I’ve Become” picks me up and takes me on a memorable journey full of beautiful sadness, powerful strength and heartfelt understanding.  And even though I am a big fan of JAYNE with her fancy guitar, an engaging piano ballad is just fine with me too!

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