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Alexandra Jayne!

There has been a lot of experimentation in the world of music over the past decade as musicians continue to find more complex ways to try to stand out from the crowd.   But sometimes going back to the basics is all it takes to get people to notice.  There is nothing quite like the crisp sound of a guitar driven song to me and ALEXANDRA JAYNE delivers a simple and beautiful performance on her debut single “Foolish” that is truly impressive.  In an intoxicating opening sequence,  JAYNE’s gorgeous vocals are showcased over a slow and steady guitar strum melody and she continues to sound amazing throughout the track.  Her singing voice is a unique blend of smoky vulnerability and sultry confidence I am definitely a fan of.  The lyrics are easy to relate to for anyone who has questioned a relationship in their lives yet stays away from sounding too corny.  At the most intense moments in the track, there is a nice layer of drums and electric guitar that doesn’t overpower the overall feel of the song.  I can easily see myself listening to this on the live stage and really enjoying every minute of it.  “Foolish” is a very solid debut for the talented artist and only time will tell how big she may become.   But in a crowded musical world, in this very moment, she proves that sometimes all you need is a guitar and a really good voice.

ALEXANDRA JAYNE is a 20-year old singer/songwriter from West Midlands and has done some fantastic acoustic covers over the past year. My favorite is her ridiculously good rendition of The Lumineers’ track “Stubborn Love” (YouTube video included below).  Her debut single “Foolish” is available now so be sure to pick up your own copy.  It is more than worth a listen!

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