ALEK.FIN ~ Waiting Like A Wolf!

ALEK.FIN is the spectacular solo electronic project created by Adam Finkel and the recently released track “Waiting Like A Wolf” is a stunningly impressive production.   I have been a music fan of ALEK.FIN ever since I first heard “Rocks In Paper” earlier this year and I have been anxiously awaiting the next big tune.   Needless to say, the subtle power and beauty behind “Waiting Like A Wolf” more than fits the bill.

The emotionally filled track’s towering element is the smooth blend of contrasting tempos.  There are frenetically hyped up percussion glitches and sounds bouncing around steady bass rhythms.  There are hauntingly soothing vocals with sporadic guitar melodies floating on top of synth chord expressions.  There are dynamic waves of musical colors being mixed together and brushed across all of my sensory canvases.  “Waiting Like A Wolf” is a uniquely indelible tune and definitely should have a designated spot on everyone’s listening to-do list.

ALEK.FIN has a musical style compared to Thom Yorke and Radiohead but that’s too easy of a comparison.  Sure there are some moments where their music sounds strikingly the same but they are really completely different types of musicians.  Radiohead stays on the surface of electronic music while ALEK.FIN music is built from it.  There’s a big difference between the two even though a lot of people hear the same thing.  “Waiting Like A Wolf” will be featured on the upcoming Mull EP set for release on December 1st and I can’t wait to lend my ears to it.  I also highly recommend listening to “Rocks In Paper” if you haven’t already done so!

ALEK.Fin Soundcloud!

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