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Listening to the “Birth” of SURRENDER HEARTS is an experience you have to go through personally to fully understand the depths of real passion and the layers of raw emotion that will burst into your sub-conscience uncontrollably.  SURRENDER HEARTS is a concept band in it’s simplest form, “a band of 2 or more musicians” as stated by band member Daniel Angelus, and their 9-track debut album takes you on a mind bending journey wrought with the heavy hands of life’s imperfections and challenges.  Teaming up with fellow band mate David Emery, the pair have crafted a piece of somber musical artistry that everyone should hear, feel and appreciate at some point in their lives.

“Birth” opens up with two tracks that are neatly intertwined with each other.  “Gold” and “Angel” give off a similar shimmer of calmness and a sense of naive vulnerability that you can easily relate to.  As in the lyrics to “Angel”, “like a girl in Las Vegas lights, bright casinos shine off your skin, like a dreamer through the night, a royal flush waiting for him“, the idea of growing up in a world that is bigger than you is laid out right in front of you.  The album continues to unravel like a ball rolling down a hill building tension and momentum along the way. From the piano powered ballad “Memories” and the synth focused musings of “Mystery” to the beautiful love song duet “Two”, featuring the pristine vocals of Abby Adams, “Birth” hits you from every emotional angle that you can imagine.  But no song hits harder than standout track “Mercy”.

The stripped down and heartfelt lead vocals of Daniel Angelus are on full display throughout “Mercy”.  Between rousing roars of futbol crowd expressions, the White Lies like dark sound hits home as it reaches out for some sort of closure in the aftermath of the 1989 Hillsborough disaster“Mercy” in the truest sense, pays homage to the strong families and friends who kept their ‘Justice for the 96’ quest alive for the past 20 years in a beautifully simple and powerful way.

SURRENDER HEARTS have definitely produced one of the most interesting ambient reverb debut albums you will ever hear.  There are moments throughout the album where the style of music gets a little bit redundant where your mind might begin to wander.  But even though their sound may be far from the mainstream and may not be embraced by the masses, SURRENDER HEARTS put everything they have behind their music and there is nothing wrong with that.  Be on the lookout for their debut album “Birth” due out later this year.

7/10  TMH! Approved   Worth A Listen!

*** Massive Tunes:  “Memories”, “Two”, “Mercy” ***

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