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The band from left to right: Wes Davidson(drums), Damian Putney(Guitar), Dan McCready(Keys), Nick Dotson(Bass)
[Photo credits to Shayne Garcia]

It’s rare for me to listen to a new album these days and to enjoy more than a few songs but the self titled debut album from House of Ghosts is amazing from the very first bass guitar strum.  The most interesting element of the whole album is the varying degrees of instrumentation heard from song to song.   From the beautiful driving bass line of the standout track “Celebration”, to the drum rallying cry induced feel of “Blue Balloon”, the feeling I take away from each track is both entertaining and unique.  Add in some contrasting elements like an almost spastic like keyboard, as heard in the song “Arms:Ropes”, and the sound is satisfyingly complete.

“House of Ghosts” is comprised of ten emotionally filled tracks led by vocals that are melodically piercing and subtly powerful.  The overall mood of the album seems to tread closely on the dark and sad end of the spectrum but there is an underlying, deep emotional pull almost yelling out to me that everything will be ok.  It’s as if a musical arm of hope is being wrapped around me and guiding me through different snapshots in time.  The songs vary in tempo, sometimes changing mid song, and the energy produced from one song to the next smoothly flows across the whole album.

House of Ghosts, hailing from Spokane Washington, have produced a quality first record which is hard to do without sounding redundant or mass produced.  The emotions evoked are raw and the feelings laid out seem real.  My attention was grabbed from the very beginning and firmly held to the very end.  Enjoy listening to the new album from this up and coming 4-piece band.  “House of Ghosts” is definitely an album I will enjoy for some time!


9/10 dRod  Approved/Highly Recommended!

***Massive Tunes:  “Celebration”, “Flower”, “Blue Balloon” & “Black Tie”***


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