Album Review!: Faded Paper Figures ~ The Matter!

Flying under the radar since their debut in 2008 but poised to break out in a big way is the brilliant indie-electronic group FADED PAPER FIGURES.  “North By North” first captured my attention off of that ‘Dynamo’ album with it’s lush blend of electronic elements, harmonious vocals and a catchy pop melody.  A few years later,  FADED PAPER FIGURES released their second record entitled ‘New Medium’ and the songs showcased a slight change towards a more upbeat electronic-rock type of style.  Flash forward to last month when the 3-piece band from the west coast put the finishing touches on their third full length production, ‘The Matter’,  and the result is their most impressive sounding album to date.

On the surface, ‘The Matter’ takes you on a fun filled trip loaded with playful melodies, vibrant synth expressions, and layers of lyrical euphonies.  If you dive through this topical layer,  you can see there is a lot more substance to grab a hold of if you let yourself reach out to experience them.  R. John Williams’ Death Cab For Cutie-esque lead vocals are subtly powerful, perfectly matching the evenly keeled mood of each song.  As in the standout tunes, “San Narciso” and “Holy Smoke”, Heather Alden steps into the front woman spotlight perfectly complementing Williams’ overall sound driving those tracks to a whole new level.  ‘The Matter’ is constructed with varying degrees of passions and textures throwing out interesting lyrical questions about what should be important in life and how our decisions ultimately shape what it becomes.  The overall sound is more mature than their first two releases and the lyrics are definitely more powerful and thought provoking.

FADED PAPER FIGURES has put together a beautiful album full of breathtaking emotions, powerful expressions and gorgeous soundscapes.  ‘The Matter’ grabs you by the audible shoulders and spins you around tirelessly without ever letting you go.  It is one of those memorable records that takes you to a different place and makes you experience new feelings each and every time you sit down to enjoy it.  FADED PAPER FIGURES has come a long way from their early side-project days and if the journey to ‘The Matter’ is any indication, the best is yet to come!  Stay tuned!

9/10 dRod Approved   Highly Recommended!

*** Massive Tunes:  “San Narciso”, “Piledrive”, “My Magellen”, “Holy Smoke” ***

Faded Paper Figures is comprised of:
R. John Williams (vocals, guitar)
Kael Alden (synths, guitars, bass, drums, machines, trumpet, violin)
Heather Alden (additional vocals, synths, piano).

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