Album Review: Daniel Angelus ~ The Colour of Forever

Every once in a while a piece of music crosses your path that is truly memorable.   “THE COLOUR OF FOREVER”  by Daniel Angelus is exactly that kind of album.  The third release by the British born singer takes you on a deeply emotional journey, beautifully painting a personal story of unrelenting love and of heartbreaking loss that anyone can relate to.

“THE COLOUR OF FOREVER”  is cleverly constructed and is delivered across four different channels of expression.  Heartbreak and Love seem to chronicle an intimately tragic portion of a relationship full of lies, tears and false hopes.   A deep connection is highlighted in the standout track “Velvet, Gold & Lust”,  and the true essence of how strong the attraction is between each other becomes evident amongst repeating chants of ‘freedom and liberty’.  Suburbia and Future seem to describe a different part of a relationship revolving around a tireless search for love while dealing with prolonged periods of self reflection along the way.  These ideas reverberate across  “We Are Bullets”,   the first single from  “THE COLOUR OF FOREVER”,  and throughout the track  “The Night We Danced In The City Rain”.   Both songs are on the opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of lyrical complexity,  but the overall emotional power behind each track make them both highlights of the album.

Daniel Angelus burst onto the music scene in 2011 with the release of  EMPIRE | GHOSTS  and  i – HEARTBREAK  and  “THE COLOUR OF FOREVER”  is definitely on another level.   From the rolling synths and electronic drums to the tormented weaving vocals,  the influence of 80’s New Wave electro music is unmistakable and works quite well.  The most powerful part of the whole album is the vivid lyrics and the ability of each song to reach out and put you into those intense moments in time.   One powerful example  of this is “when I broke your heart, I set love free” and “gonna push your tears across the sky” from the track  “The Outlaw & The Bride of Desolation”.  There are a few times throughout the journey, like in  “The Life of Lovers Entwined In Death”,  where the vocals seem awkward and a bit forced.  But overall, Daniel’s unique David Bowie/Neil Diamond hybrid sounding voice is brilliantly unique and entertaining throughout.

“THE COLOUR OF FOREVER”  is filled with passion and meaning you might need a few listens to fully appreciate.  It is hypnotically romantic and tragically real.  But above all else,  it’s a story of pure love and the hope for a new beginning.


8/10 dRod approved/Highly recommended!


***   I just want to thank Daniel Angelus for giving me the opportunity to listen to the full album before the official release date and allowing me the chance to exclusively review the new album without any bias or expectations.  “The Colour of Forever” will be released on October 13th.   The debut single/music video “We Are Bullets” is set to come out tomorrow September 1st so make sure to check it out!!!   Visit for more details!   ***

Reviewed by Daniel Rodriguez Jr of Indie Current and Through My Headphones!

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