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RUN RIVER NORTH Run or Hide Artwork!

Who is RUN RIVER NORTH?  An extremely catchy indie folk rock band from around the San Fernando Valley, California area and a personal favorite of mine. They are: Alex Hwang (Vocals/Acoustic Guitar), Daniel Chae (Electric Guitar/Violin), Jennifer Rim (Violin), Joseph Chun (Bass), John Chong (Drums), and Sally Kang (Vocals/Keys)!

My first impression of “Run or Hide” : An emotionally charged lyrical jaunt through a mind of pent-up frustrations with overflowing streams of angst and aggression!

My take : I have been a huge fan of RUN RIVER NORTH for a while now and it’s great to finally hear some new tunes from the Cali 6-piece.  “Run or Hide” is my first peek at their upcoming ‘Drinking From A Salt Pond’ album due out early next year and the song is absolutely fantastic.  The passion and energy behind the vocals immediately jumps out at me from the start and takes me through a build up of internal turmoil to the point of no return.   Where the resulting vigorous release of expression is not only powerful but undeniably invigorating.  Listening closely to “Run or Hide” paints a mental image of breaking free from the chains of someone or something that has held me back for far too long.  “Run or Hide” ranks close to the top of the best songs of 2015 for me and points towards one heck of a new album I can’t wait to hear!

TMH RATING: 8.8/10 Amazing!

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